About Us

Company History

At ITS Group srl we have been operating for over 20 years in the field of private and commercial investigation, offering refined economic intelligence as a distinctive cutting edge service. Our client base ranges from lawyers, other investigators, insurers and blue chip companies to the private sector. We are based in northern Italy, and operate world-wide.

Today’s entrepreneurs need to be cautious and prevent the improbable or unlikely event, which is all too easily ignored when choosing a new partner, market or activity. Unfortunately, a company may realize the value of protection and background information, when the damage is already done or its course hard to stop.

ITS Group srl uses the highest level of technology, professional sophistication, discretion and privacy policies. We rely on a steady team, both on and off the road, and have our own specialized legal department. We offer intelligence and security, to help you win damages, for credit/inheritance recovery or for contestation of improper business. Our motto is that security is a means also for creating business. We keep a low profile and make a point of tailoring and illustrating our activity to each individual client’s need before any project is confirmed and executed.

Scenario analysis

We protect our client’s rights efficiently. We listen carefully to our client’s requests before we project and agree on how to proceed.


Professionals specialized in different fields, always exchanging information and discussing the course of action.

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